LM 1128 - Loudness Meter 5.1 - according to EBU R 128

LM1128 Loudnessmeter

The LM 1128 complies with the requirements of the 'EBU Mode' according to the following specifications:

  • EBU R 128 (September 2011)
  • ITU-R BS.1770-2 (March 2011)
  • EBU Tech Doc 3341 (August 2011) and
  • EBU Tech Doc 3342 (August 2011)


3 AES/EBU digital inputs (XLR) for measurements from Stereo (2.0) up to Surround (5.1)
1 Remote control connector for START/PAUSE/RESET function
Optional: 6 analog inputs (25 pin D-Sub connector F)


Two tricolor 51-segment LED bar displays:

  • Short Term Loudness (average value over 3 s)
  • Momentary Loudness (average value over 0.4 s)
  • LED bar ranges switchable between EBU +9 scale and EBU +18 scale
  • 12 Individual color schemes configurable for both displays

Four-digit white numerical display:

  • Short Term Loudness
  • Integrated Loudness
  • Loudness Range
  • Selected measured values signaled by illuminated keys
  • Switchable between LU and LUFS
  • Various configuration parameters


  • Three green LEDs indicating valid digital input signals
  • Yellow LED indicating the EBU +18 scale

LM1128 Loudnessmeter

The LM 1128 is an inexpensive meter for studios wanting to meet the recommendations of EBU R 128 and to be
ready for 5.1 mode - in the analog as well as in the digital world. In line with the philosophy of the approved peak meters this stand-alone loudness meter offers a real alternative: No additional PC is required and the relevant measured values are displayed reliably and conforming to standards.

Just plug'n play

Operation manual including technical data and detailed description: --- DOWNLOAD ---

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